American Muslims believe Sharia should be above U.S. Constitution?


America is a land of laws. In the present day, the law of the land is the United States Constitution. Since the inception of America, all citizens abided by it and followed it. As of today, these truths are beginning to change. In a recent report done by Fox News, Muslims in America believe that Sharia law should be over the United States Constitution. As one specific interviewer hits the streets of New York City, he plainly asks a number of Muslims this question; “Should Sharia Law be over the Constitution?” Numerous Muslims respond by saying, unequivocally “Yes”. One man goes as far as to say, “…the Sharia Law is made by god, by allah, and the Constitution is made by people.” Following the street dialogue, Sean Hannity expresses to a panel of guests the reality of Sharia Law in Muslim countries, “the application of Sharia renders or regulates women and minorities, and other religious faiths to second class citizens…” Continue Reading

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WATCH! Do American Muslims believe Sharia Law is above the U.S. Constitution?

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