IOT? Code Word For What Will Take Over Our Daily Lives? The Internet of Things, IOT: What is it? What does it mean to your present and future? Does this lead to the Mark of the Beast?


Today, most of us use the internet every single day. With the click of a button and the tapping of our fingers on our keyboard, the internet seems to seamlessly show imagery after imagery. What we may not know is the inter-connection of fiber optic wires stretching through oceans bridging continents together, that allow these “instant” images and webpages to appear when we hit “enter”. Imagine that type of travel happening in a single second. We use the internet so much and don’t think twice to consider the speed at which it is operating.

A new term that is beginning to be heard more and more is the ‘Internet of Things’, or “IOT”. We have smart phones, smart TVs, and smart cars, but do we realize the impact of how more and more “devices” are being connected to the internet? In this technological age, businesses are streamlining their inventory, processing time is being cut short and short, and for consumers, desired results are also being experienced with less delays. Reportedly, there are now more devices connected to the internet than there are people. It just seems so nice and convenient. Continue Reading


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