WATCH! Why is President Obama Turning Things over to the United Nations? Why is the President Opening Relations with Cuba? “Cuba and Russia attacking Miami; America?” “War on American Soil?” Looking Prophetically at America and Cuba Part 1


Why is President Obama Turning Things over to the United Nations? Why is the President Opening Relations with Cuba? “Cuba and Russia attacking Miami; America?” “War on American Soil?” Looking Prophetically at America and Cuba Part 1

[Part 2 of 2] Most people have not been alive long enough to remember the last time an American president visited the nation of Cuba. According to CBSN, President Calvin Coolidge was the last President to do so 88 years ago. Now, a different tune is being played as President Barack Obama has once again reopened communications with the nearby neighbor to the United States, being only 90 miles south of Florida. The question is though, why?

It is during this surprising move that President Obama is repeatedly talking about issues needing to be sent to the United Nations. But, when one takes a closer look at the nations that make up the United Nations, and what the results are regarding issue after issue about Israel, a clearer picture can be seen. With a brief explanation, we can see how as far back as 1975, Cuba led the way in forming an unstoppable voting bloc made up of a handful of Communist nations joined together with a handful of Muslim nations, all within the United Nations. With each and every resolution passed, this gathering of nations could discredit both America and Israel. We can begin to see a clearer picture as to why President Obama continues to push for matters to be discussed within the United Nations. It matters how we treat Israel. It matters what we do towards Israel and it matters what we don’t do towards Israel. If we force matters to be discussed between a body of nations that are against Israel, is it a fair process for Israel?

As the President nears the end of his term, one would think that he would simply look to having a smooth transition out of office, and out of the matters regarding Israel and America. But, why is there a continual push regarding the perspective of Israel? Additionally, why is the President also pushing for the control of the internet to now be controlled by an international body? The internet was initially created in America for everyone. Now there is a push for the internet to be overseen as a utility; just as our water, or our power is controlled as a utility. What we must recognize is that the full freedoms found in the 1st Amendment description of the Freedom of Speech can be fully viewed on the internet.

Senator Ted Cruz does an outstanding job of what the loss of the control of the internet actually implies. As the Senator eloquently puts it

“You know the First Amendment is not about popular speech, the First Amendment is about unpopular speech. The First Amendment is about offensive speech. That’s what it was created for. But, you don’t need a First Amendment if nobody is offended at what you’re saying. It is only when someone says ‘I’m offended and would silence you’, that’s the only time the First Amendment matters, when they’re those seeking to use government powered muzzle opinions that frighten them, opinions that threaten their power.”
While at the same time, President Obama has his own comments regarding the freedoms of America. While speaking before the United Nations in September, he said these words, “I am convinced that in the long run, giving up some freedom of action…binding ourselves to international rules, over the long term, enhances our security.” Simply put, we cannot allow the internet to be under foreign control. We must fight for the freedoms that God has afforded us.

Presently, there is so much entertainment and virtual reality, some do not even know when reality is actually happening; they simply compare it to a movie recently seen or a character that they “watch”. All of this is actually happening. This is reality. It is vital that we recognize these things and what is taking place. Nations throughout the Middle East want nothing more than to see the eradication of Israel and the destruction of America. We must remember that authority is established by God; and who the leaders are across the globe is no surprise to God. We must have eyes to see the very storm that God is orchestrating. These two discussions were prophetic letting all know we’re hearing and believing that the Lord is saying there is going to be a physical attack on America and we’re also seeing part of that coming, via Russia and Cuba. See the full program and the second part of this truth to get the full story, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Raul Castro, fundamentalism, Radical Islam, rights, freedoms, Florida, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.