Why is President Obama Turning Things over to the United Nations? Why is the President Opening Relations with Cuba? “Cuba and Russia attacking Miami; America?” “War on American Soil?” Looking Prophetically at America and Cuba Part 2

LISTEN NOW! [Part 1 of 2] Looking at the present events occurring in America, there are so many questions that would cause one to ask; What is really going on with the United Nations? Why is the President promoting Radical Islam? Is the President running for President of the World, or President of the United Nations? It appears as if the President is opening the door to the dangers that seemingly want to enter America. Most people would not open the door to an armed intruder looking to have access into their front door. We are not a Communist nation, at least not yet. We must take a closer look at what is taking place in America and where we are prophetically.

Tragedy and hardship often serves as a megaphone to a deaf generation. The shouting voices couldn’t be any louder. The nation of Iran has never been silent about their desires to annihilate Israel and to bring destruction to America. Yet, we have openly entered into negotiations with them regarding the development of their nuclear program. When the leadership of Egypt was experiencing transition, the leadership of America had a hand in establishing a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to be placed as president.

While America has been vocal in its support of Islam, it has been deafly silent in matters regarding the peace and safety of Israel. But, when Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed the United Nations body, he made it clear that the United Nations’ voice towards the comments of Iran’s plans to destroy Israel has been nothing more than a deafening silence. God is shouting at us, and we must recognize the truth in these words!

At the same time, President Obama has opened relations with Cuba. When the President meets with Raul Castro, he extends his hand to shake hands. What results is Raul Castro lifting the President’s arm at the wrist, making a limp-wristed President appearance. This may not have been the President’s intentions, but we must see our own weakened presence as we turn further and further away from God as a country.

God has warned us about these days and He continues to warn us. When Brett Holderbaum received a prophetic night vision, this is what he was shown; “I was in Miami and was downtown around a bunch of buildings. Aircraft started flying around the building and were weaving in and out of buildings and there were several hundred of them. As I looked up I saw that the aircraft had Russian and Cuban markings. They were flying in low to avoid radar. They were undetected.”

As the Church, we must recognize the mounting signs of danger in these moments and the countless warnings that God is shouting at us from heaven, pointing to the coming storm, lest we repent and turn back to Him. These two discussions were prophetic letting all know we’re hearing and believing that the Lord is saying there is going to be a physical attack on America and we’re also seeing part of that coming, via Russia and Cuba. See the first part of this message to get the full story of this prophetic paradigm, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: United Nations, Cuba, Raul Castro, Radical Islam, Mohammed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood, Russia, Vladimir Putin, 90 miles away, Communism, Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, King Josiah, and repentance. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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