You Can’t Survive with a HARD Heart

Crisis, Love

Few would disagree that these are difficult days that we are facing today. The question is, as The Church, how are we supposed to live in this day and age? It is easy to look at someone plagued with evil intent, murderous intentions, or a convicted criminal and say that one has a hardened heart. It is no question, that this is a dangerous situation. What does it mean for someone to have a hardened heart?

Horrific things ARE in fact taking place. The heads of Christians are being beheaded, students are being told to stand up, being asked if they are Christians, and then being shot. The lives of innocent, unborn children, who are being brutally murdered, have been made clear for all eyes to see, with the videos that were released from Center for Medical Progress. If we are choosing not to face these realities, we are in a dangerous place. Are we feeling anything? Where is the outrage? Where is the brokenness? Because of these horrific truths, one could decide to not want to know, or refuse to being hurt again, feeling pain. Satan is doing everything in his power to hinder love, to stop love. Continue Reading

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WATCH! Tragic Things are taking place. Are we feeling anything? We need to Cry out to God!

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