WATCH! An Abortionist prays to Jesus about guiding her hand?; Childless by Choice? And a Standing Ovation for Reconciliation

Alleged Abortionist Thanks God for Guiding Her Hand to Take Child’s Life. “I wanted to express to you the gratitude and humility that I feel as an abortionist”
The most dangerous reality is the existence of deception. Deception is when we think that we are walking in what is right when, the truth is, we are dead wrong. When we see the recent actions of an alleged abortionist, we begin to see how real deception is.
According to CBN News, Planned Parenthood recently held The North American Forum on Family Planning Conference in Chicago. While a pro-life demonstration was being held outside the event, an abortionist doctor proceeded to kneel on the sidewalk. Her words, simply put, are eerie and downright strange. She begins to pray and thank God for His hand in her life. “My dear Heavenly Father, I’m grateful today to be here at this wonderful meeting, and I wanted to express to you the gratitude and humility that I feel as an abortionist…and to use this in furthering the work of the Lord…” This alleged abortionist kneels and prays these words while standing next to an image of an aborted child. The Lord told us that we would see deception in these last days. Here it is. In his book, The Fear of the Lord, John Bevere writes, “The longer someone is deceived, the thicker the veil of deception gets, the harder it is to convince them they are deceived”.
Since 1973 and the passing of Roe v Wade, the killing of children in the mother’s womb has been made legal. Since then, more than 50 million innocent lives have been murdered. That’s more than the entire population of Canada. Simply put, God is going to hold us accountable for each of the abortions that have been committed in America. As the Church, we must get into the Word of God, the Bible, and see life from God’s perspective. Life is a gift that God has given each one of us, and we must see the lives of others the same. God can forgive this doctor, and any other individual that has chosen to have an abortion. See the full comments of this abortionist, the importance for all of us to value life, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: eternity, innocent blood, deception, pride, and evil. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

Have We Become Childless by Choice, Believing the Narrative that Children are a Hindrance?
There is a growing misconception in our culture that children are a hindrance, or that someone who decides to have children should be felt sorry for. It is as if we have allowed ourselves to become childless by choice. Now, more and more people are deciding not to have children at all and spending their lives on themselves.
When CBS News sat down with Jonathan Last, author of What to Expect when No One’s Expecting, he shared a surprising reality about parenthood. “It has become phenomenally expensive to have a child right now in America. When you add up all the costs, it’s about 1.1 million dollars to have a child for a normal middle-class America. That’s a lot of money to spend, you know, on something that in 15 years is going to tell you that it hates you.” As CBS report continues to reveal, the percentage of those with children has been drastically cut in half since the statistics of the 1970’s. When Laura Ciaccio, member of the social club No Kidding!The International Social Club for Childfree Couples and Singles” was asked about her perspective of children, she shared, “I’ve been an SAT Teacher and loved my students, I just don’t feel the same about toddlers and babies the way everyone else seems to….I don’t hate them I’m indifferent toward them.”
When we look in the Word of God, we see clearly that the whole reason for a man and a woman to come together is to bear Godly offspring. We cannot sit idly by any longer and neglect to see God’s perspective of life. See the whole conversation about the value of life and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: birth rates, retirement, Florida, abortions, and life. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

“I can no longer play the blame game!” Pensacola Chief of Police, David Alexander, shares about the importance of Repentance and Reconciliation with God
It was a powerful moment when the city of Pensacola Florida’s first African American Chief of Police, David Alexander, took the stage to address a crowd gathered to pray for the nation. After responding with a standing ovation to his beginning words on the microphone, everyone in attendance listened attentively to each of his words.

As Chief Alexander recalled a recent instance of a woman walking two energetic dogs down the street, he highlighted the importance of unity in order to walk with those around us. When Adam and Eve sinned, they resorted to blame, instead of seeking humility in the face of God. As the Chief continues, “If we’re so busy blaming each other, there’s no way in the world that we can walk together, and there’s no way in the world that we can please God.” If this weren’t applicable enough, he describes how this is happening right now in our present society in America. “So now you got racists blaming each other, you got police blaming the people, the people blaming the police, you got parents blaming children, children blaming parents. When are we going to seek His face?” It doesn’t get any clearer than that! Be greatly encouraged as you see the full statements from the Chief and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: agreement, unity, prayer, humility, repentance, and healing. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


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