“Ask the Question” Stephen Mansfield’s New Book highlighting the Importance of Understanding the Clarity of a Candidate’s Faith

LISTEN NOW! When we consider possible candidates in an upcoming election, we want to ask them certain questions about the myriad of current events that our nation and communities are facing. Additionally, we also want to know what their beliefs and values are that guide their decisions. Some would say that this would be too much, but according to Stephen Mansfield and his new book Ask the Question: Why We Must Demand Religious Clarity from Our Presidential Candidates, its exactly what we need to ask.

When CBN News’s Jennifer Wishon sat down with Mansfield, he shared a more in-depth perspective on why we should want to ask these type of questions. “We want to know anything about them -good, bad or ugly. It’s part of exercising the sacred duty of voting and so we certainly want to know any type of faith they may be sincere about that’s going to shape what they do in office.” The value of these questions not only reveals more about a candidate, but also what guides their decisions as to what could possibly guide them in the future. As Mansfield continues, “We need to know all of those possibilities before they get in office, because with some presidents their faith has been the most defining thing about their administration, or at least about certain major decisions that they made, and we had no idea that those changes and shifts were possibilities.”
It’s amazing how paranoid people can become when wanting to asking questions about God. But, when just about every speech ends with someone saying, “God Bless America”, shouldn’t we think it’s important to know who “God” is to the one speaking? A very revealing question to ask in moments like this is simply, “Who is Jesus to you?”. Then, simply let the individual respond. It’s not accusatory, and it’s not a religious test. Be encouraged in this election hour as you are informed as to how to better ask these types of questions, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: values, voting, Presidential Election, faith-based, religion, and parties. Greg shared in this segment.
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