NEWS “ANCHORS AWAY!” God is Replacing Unreliable News Sources with One’s He has established to Bring True News! Prophetic Words from Bill Yount and Rick Joyner begun to come to Pass?

LISTEN NOW! Many are facing the shocking and sobering reality that most of the voices throughout media were wrong in their assumptions, presumptions, and proclamations regarding how the elections were going to turn out. Regardless of what the masses may have “projected” or “calculated”, truth is no man or woman truly knew what would take place. Only God does. It is times such as these when people are realizing that news anchors are not telling the truth. It was also these very times and seasons that have been prophesied about that God would raise up His own “anchors.”

Bill Yount revealed that God would be establishing His own anchors. He specifically reveals:

These anchormen and anchorwomen will come forth from deep waters of the unknown. They will not only report the perilous news but will have the treasures and the riches of Christ inside of them, so that the anointing of God will come right through the radio and television screens as people become convicted by their radiant countenance and peace in the midst of chaos. These anointed news anchors will become spectacles to the world as they are given favor to report of the hope within them.
Additionally, Yount also shares, “The favor of the Lord will increase upon these handpicked vessels because of their accuracy in reporting the news before the news actually spreads throughout broadcasting stations, bringing the fear of the Lord and salvation into many lives.”

Yount was not the only one to speak about the Lord’s plans for these upcoming “anchors”, but also Rick Joyner spoke of these days as well. “We need to have other reliable sources for what is going on; and there are potentials for this to be developed… But, to get accurate information, I believe the Lord is raising up people to really do that, and you’re gonna see the world coming to the, to the Church for information, for light.” The days that we are witnessing are the very days that God has told us about. We can be encouraged to know that God has a plan and that He is working out that plan and raising up a people for a time such as this. Hear the fullness of both of these inspiring prophetic words, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, media, crisis, and encouragement. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
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