Warren Buffet, Billionaire, Says “This is a Fantastic Country!” after the Elections – Speaks on Future of Stock Market & Economy

LISTEN NOW! The voices and talking heads are lined up to speak out what they perceive is going to happen now that a new President Elect has been chosen. But, who better to ask than billionaire Warren Buffet? When CNN Money sat down with Buffet to ask him his take on the recent election, the economy and the stock market, his response might shock many who have been listening to the majority.
When Buffet was asked if he felt optimistic about America right now, he quickly responded “100%”. When asked about his take on a divided America, his answer didn’t change. “100%”. When asked to elaborate on his take, his simply highlighted, “This is a fantastic country.” When asked about the stock market, he replied, “Higher. 10, 20, and 30 years from now had it would have been with Hillary and it will be with Trump.” Again, when Buffet is pressed about all the market predictions of a negative market, he just throws his hands up as he says, “They’re silly.”
Not everyone is projecting that everything is going to fall face first and at the same time not everyone is giving full attention to the press calling for the demise of America simply because Trump was elected as the next President Elect. See the statements from Warren Buffet, the full interview, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: stock market, projections, confidence, trade, and hope. Greg shared in this segment.
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