REVIVAL!! “Cuba will be one of the few Islands in the Caribbean that will be Christian…churches are going to grow by the thousands!” Rich Vera shares Prophetic Word about Cuba

LISTEN NOW! Often times, we can cut God short by focusing on what presently is and forgetting that God has plans greater than our comprehension. What we presently see is not the full story, nor is it close to the design that God has planned. Rich Vera has said that God has shown him what is going to take place in the nation of Cuba. What he was shown is not only encouraging for Cuba, but the entire Body of Christ. When he sat down with Sid Roth on “It’s Supernatural” he described, in detail, what exactly he was shown.

“God was going to infiltrate ministers of the Gospel that are also business people, and then there was coming an awakening in Cuba, where there was going to be one of the greatest revivals that happened in the Caribbean to the point that Raul Castro will go back to the Catholic Church and to prayer…
…Cuba will be one of the few islands in the Caribbean that will be Christian, that will be dominant as Christians. And, churches are going to grow by the thousands; and the government will not be able to stop it. There will be a transition that God will blow a wind of change. But, the Church in Cuba was going to be a voice for the entire region, even for the state of Florida and part of the U.S.”
We cannot be dismayed by how our current leadership has responded to the nation of Cuba and the leadership of Cuba. As we endure the present transition into the next President of America, it is a timely moment to look back and see what Rich Vera was shown about Donald Trump before he was chosen as President-Elect Trump. “This is a man who is going to be used of God to bring to light a lot of dirt, and for many years to come, you’re going to hear him as a man who would stand in the forefront, and in the media, to expose the secrets of darkness in society and in government, here in America.”
The story doesn’t end just because of what we have seen or what we are now seeing. God is just getting started with the good plans that He has of shining His light throughout the entire Earth through the glory of His Presence. See the whole discussion about the realities of Cuba, God’s plans to bring about revival through Cuba, and so much more. Also shared in this segment:, the Pope, revival, prayer, and hope. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


screen capture from Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

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