“If you’re going to take out the giants in this land, you’re going to see God move in America!” Dutch Sheets shares the journey of crying out for America. GOD IS ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS!!

LISTEN NOW! In these seasons and times within our nation, many throughout the Body of Christ have fallen to their knees as they have lifted their crying voices to the Lord, as the only hope for America. Of the many voices, Dutch Sheets has traveled to each of the 50 states as the Lord has shown and revealed many sobering realities about America. During an “Appeal to Heaven” conference at Church of His Presence, in Daphne, Alabama, Sheets shares how the Lord reminded him what America’s hope and focus must be upon.  
“God said to me, ‘If you’re going to take out the giants in this land, you’re going to see God move in America. You’re going to have to understand that it’s not because you’re perfect…You’re gonna have to believe that the Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin and unrighteousness.” Before America was even considered a reality in any one of our founding fathers, God was in control and He had a plan for the nation that would be birthed. “You’re gonna have to believe that….400 years ago, when I said, ‘This is what I’m gonna do with this nation’, that I knew you were going to mess up! I knew that you would steal land! I knew that you would bring slaves in! I knew that you would wreck the marriage covenant! I knew that you would kill your babies! AND I ALSO KNEW THAT I WOULD BRING AN AWAKENING AND I WOULD CLEANSE THIS NATION, AND I WOULD GET YOU TO THE PLACE WHERE I COULD FULFILL WHAT I STARTED!”
This is what God is doing! Regardless of what we see, or what we think is happening, God is always in control. God is setting us up to bring about what HE is doing and what HE has planned. Hear the full discussion of this stirring and uplifting reality, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: repentance, hope, Third Great Awakening, and the anointing. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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