Muslim Encounters Jesus and Gets Baptized. “Jesus would show Himself in my dreams so I would understand more and believe more”

LISTEN NOW! Here in America, some perceive that everything has to be “just right” in order to follow Jesus; the air conditioning, the message, the pastor, and on and on. God is moving all across the world and speaking to so many! The Church in Iran is experiencing powerful growth; and some of the testimonies that are taking place are sure to stir your faith.  
One man encountered Jesus after he had a car accident. Speaking through a translator he shared, “In the accident, I passed out and so I saw, like a dream.” He continues to point out exactly what he saw, “There were many black things, they were coming, and they were coming at me, and I just felt myself stressed…and then there was just one bright shiny one, and that one was coming; and when that light was coming, I felt comfortable. I felt safe.”
He continues to point out, “I got a hold of a Bible and I got a hold of a Jesus film.” He learned that the “bright shiny one” that he had seen was Jesus. The more he talked to Jesus, the more he learned. It was in this beginning dialogue with Jesus that he realized Jesus was not allah. “For 27 years, I would call out to allah, but I feel like he was never speaking to me. But when I spoke to Jesus, right away answers would come.” He would receive multiple dreams from Jesus and be shown things in order to understand what Jesus was talking to him about. “I saw the things that were in Scripture, but in my dreams.” He soon decided to give his life to Jesus Christ.
Before these encounters, he was taking marijuana and alcohol. But, after giving his life to Jesus, all of this changed. “After Jesus saved me, I didn’t even want those things.” His entire family had witnessed such a profound change in his life that eventually his brother gave his life to the Lord, as well as his entire family. Recalling his life under Islam, he points out, “There is only One Man that can save us, and that is Jesus. The Sharia Law does not save us. It cannot save us.”
Be encouraged and lifted up in your faith as you see and hear more about the miraculous stories of what the Holy Spirit is doing in Iran, the entire story of one Muslim’s man powerful encounter with Jesus Christ, being baptized in Iran, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: the Resurrection, eternity, and dreams. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.  

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