NBA MVP Steph Curry shares the foundation of his 3-point shot and his relationship with the Lord

LISTEN NOW! It is so encouraging to see Christians within so many professional teams in America. As many Americans watched the last NBA Finals, they may not be aware that Steph Curry, of the Golden State Warriors, is a bold witness for Christ. When he sat down with CBNNews, he not only shared how he remains consistent on the court, but how his parent’s foundational upbringing in his life guided him to have his own relationship with Jesus Christ.
‘You can’t get lost in the daily routines, and the hype of what we do on the floor…and forget why we’re here.’ As one who has been awarded the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, Curry knows, first-hand, the hard work and dedication that goes into his profession, but also the attention that comes with it; both the good and bad. As he shares, ‘It definitely becomes harder to stay at that level because you have a bullseye on your back…you’re under a bigger microscope…There is much more scrutiny, criticism, praise, all that that you have to deal with’.
Not only is Curry known for how he is impacting lives physically, but also spiritually. As Curry points out, he is not the only Christian on the Warriors’ roster, as others join him in a Bible study. “It’s all about finding accountability partners and finding people who can encourage you in your walk… You have to be able to continue to get fed every single day”. Curry is living a truly inspiring life on and off the court, as well as doing all he can to change the lives of those who have Malaria in other parts of the world. He is truly a role model for the next generation. See the full interview with Steph Curry, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Nothing but Nets Campaign, abiding, talents, and discipleship. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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