Prophecy: The Effects of the United States’ Election, The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders

LISTEN NOW! Several of our prophets received words that Donald Trump would become the next president and will become a 21st century Cyrus. He is called to break the mold of political correctness. We received the word that if we pray for him, he will heal, rather than divide, the nation.
Intercession must be made or this will not happen in the way God intends. Racial division must be healed and the people of all ethnicities must come together as part of this John 17 movement.  This cannot be a “whites only” movement, but the church must work to fight for unity and be a massive voice against racism that still exists in the nation.
There will be many civil rights reformers who will not let this need of healing of the nation creates divides.  We received a serious admonition that the church must pray to see the nation healed or the breaches will only grow.
Native Americans will be part of this civil reformation and antiquated laws, and even the Bureau of Indian Affairs will be reformed.
There is coming such scientific proof concerning the science of the pre-born child that this will result in reformations in the medical field’s stance and thinking as a whole. The pre-born child will be declared a human being. Some that have held this stance all along will break their silence and become strong advocates for the pre-born.
We prophesied a conservative revolt, and now we prophesy a “social media revolt” in which many use this form of communication and it will result in the crippling networks and newspapers that persecute the truth of God. God is about to arise in a way to release the anointing of truth. There are media revolutionaries who will change the way everything is being done concerning communications. This will result in financial shakings will cause long-standing news media to begin to lose millions of dollars, even causing some to go under! This will be a shock to many who relied upon them to be their “voice.”
As a backlash against this conservative social media revolt, the liberal press will even accuse God’s people of lying, giving the biblical analogy of the sons of Belial
who lied in court to get Naboth’s vineyard.  However, accusations of the liberal press will not prevail.  Intercession must be done for the church to be protected.
Corruption is going to be exposed in the media as well and the disillusionment will deepen in people in general with “traditional media” sources. Out of this season, new, anointed news anchors will come to the forefront who will be unashamedly believers and they will experience great favor.
Washington DC will be “ground zero” for the exposure of corruption. Some that are exposed will shock the nation as God continues to move to cleanse both political parties.  Corrupt judges will also be exposed in the circuit courts.  We were told to use Ezekiel 22 as a model to decree against corruption.
The whistleblowers will come out in droves!  Aides and interns will speak and tell what they have both seen and heard.
Collusion between the Federal Drug Administration and the pharmaceutical companies will be exposed in surprising ways.
The lobbyists are going to be removed from their places of influence in a significant way, and the influence of corporate giants over Congress will also be reformed.
Term limits will be put in place for Congress in the future. Reformation is coming to every aspect of society.
Major trade deals are going to be re-written and old enemies will become trading partners.  God is aligning the nations for His purposes. The global elites are going to find that they are not able to move freely like they did on the international scene. Corruption and collusion will be exposed and many will be shocked.
A new season of mercy has been given, even though for some it does not appear to be so at this moment of time. God wants to reboot the nation and get it back on track.
The Lord wants to release both protection for the nation as well as wisdom for compassionate immigration reform while dealing with the criminal influence. This needs serious prayer. The Body of Christ is forerunning racial reconciliation, and this will display a unity and synergy that the world is looking for.
A call for continued concerted prayer to continue to bring both peace, protection and stability to the nation went out.  God wants to give a path to establish what could be called “thrones of glory” all the way through the year 2020. If the intercessors continue to pray for 2020 vision, God will release His glory on a scale none of us can imagine.

Source: The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders /danielfela

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