The Real Presidential Election Hasn’t Happened Yet? Electoral College.

LISTEN NOW! If someone were asked about the Presidential Election, some may consider the elections that just took place in November. But, did you know that the real election for the next President of the United States hasn’t even happened yet? The votes that were cast in November wasn’t for the President, but for the choosing of the electoral votes in each state that will vote this upcoming Monday, on December 19th. This is the Electoral College.
As Prager University explains it, “The President and Vice President of the United States are not chosen by a nationwide popular vote of the American people, rather they are chosen by 538 electors.” Each state has equal representation by having a certain number of representatives based on their population. Meaning that there are more representatives in Texas than there are in Massachusetts. If America was purely democratic, than the voting would focus only on the “majority vote” and not the “popular vote”. As Prager University continues, “pure democracies do not work, they implode…in a pure democracy, bare majorities can easily tyrannize the rest of the country”. If this were the case, Presidential candidates would primarily focus on the states with the largest populations.
Every American who cast their vote in November chose one particular candidate. At the end of the Novemeber elections, each of the 50 states was either Democractic or Republican. Now it is up to each of the state’s political party’s electors to cast their vote for President. Their vote is this upcoming Monday, December 19th, and it is this election that will be final. Continue to not only pray for this upcoming election, but for a peaceful transfer of power, and the days leading up to President Elect Trump becoming President Trump. See the full explanation from Prager University, and so much more. Also shred in this segment: electors, senators, swing states, and voting. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

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