Unlawful Abortion as Soon as Heartbeat Detected? Ohio Senate Approves the ‘Heartbeat Law’. If passed, will it be the strictest abortion law?


LISTEN NOW! We have been continually praying and asking the Lord to stop abortion in America. We have seen God answering these prayers as the urgency to end abortion in this generation becomes more of a reality. This couldn’t be more of true than what has recently been passed in the Ohio Senate.
According to theBlaze, a law has been passed making abortions unlawful as soon as the child’s heartbeatcan be identifiedIf the “heartbeat bill” becomes Ohio law, it would end up being one of the strictest abortions laws in the entire county. But, just because it has been passed in the Ohio Senate, does not officially make it law. “A number of abortion regulations were struck down nationwide in a 5-3 Supreme Court ruling that many considered to be a surprise. Unless at least two more pro-life justices are placed on the Supreme Court, the ultimate fate of this law would seem to be in doubt, even if it is signed into law.” What is important to remember is what a doctor does each and every time someone has a checkup with their doctor. The doctor checks the heartbeat. If a doctor verifies the heartbeat of an adult, or a young child, should there be any difference for an unborn baby?
Don’t stop praying for God to end abortion in America. The reality that that this law has not only been discussed in the Ohio Senate, but PASSED in the Ohio Senate, is an answer to prayer. God is bigger than abortion in America and HE can end it! See the full report of what is taking place in Ohio, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prayer, the value of life, and The Supreme Court. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


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