Why are We Celebrating the Reign and Life of Fidel Castro? Why is President Obama Embracing Raul Castro? Looking Closer May Reveal a Deeper Understanding.

LISTEN NOW! Continual headlines are erupting regarding the recent death of Fidel Castro. There has been a myriad of perspectives regarding his life, from celebration to applause. The question is why? Why would we celebrate a life that was lived out the way Castro lived? If we are celebrating it then it highlights how much we do not truly understand what occurred in the nation of Cuba under his leadership; or as others would more accurately state: his dictatorship.
Glenn Beck addressed this issue head on by not only asking the same question, but also explaining the life of Castro as simply and straightforward as possible. “Castro imprisoned, tortured and murdered thousands of people.” If this were not enough of a clarifying statement, he continues to compare Castro’s actions to Adolf Hitler’s. “Fidel Castro murdered more Cubans in his first three years in power than Hitler killed Germans in his first six.” These are realities that very few are willing to recognize or even admit.
What some may not be aware of, is Castro’s “right-hand man”, Che Guevara. Some may not recognize the name, but may have seen many of the t-shirts worn on college campuses and the myriad of Hollywood icons sporting the same fashion. Guevara was “the main executioner” under Castro’s dictatorship. Beck continues to highlight some of Guevara’s most notable actions of how he “killed everyone who was in opposition: journalists, poets, homosexuals, they were sent to labor camps, others were executed by the firing squad. Some of them, Che executed himself.”
We are supposed to transform our culture, yes. But not like this. Some would classify Castro and Guevara as a type of “revolutionary” and, in the same breath, neglect to dig a little deeper and see how Cuba was affected because of their actions. Regardless of how much time passes from this day forward, it will not change what occurred while these two evil men were in power. Beck asks this question, “Are we supposed to find out later, that he took a country that was free, that was dynamic, and threw it into third world poverty? Is that what we’re supposed to find out?”
We must recognize the outright evil of the socialistic dictatorship of Fidel Castro that was carried out in the nation of Cuba. These are the fruits of socialism. It is nothing more than a submissive head of Authoritarianism.  Whether it be Fascism, Communism, Marxism, or Islamists, it is all the same. As Beck puts it, “They are all dictators. They all will spell death to their people.” But an even greater shocking reality is this; “They all have one thing in common, SOCIAL JUSTICE!”
We’re beginning to see the outright evil that Castro committed while he was in power. PJ Media reports that “Fidel Castro shed blood on a scale unimaginable in American terms. His butchers executed perhaps 15,000 prisoners…” PJMedia further reports this is a “midrange” and could be anywhere from 4,000 to 33,000. These numbers may appear to be small, but is vitally important to know that Cuba’s population is only 7 million people. “In per capita terms, that’s the equivalent of about 680,000 executions in the United States of America with our population of 318 million. What’s 680,000? The entire population of Denver or Seattle.” Would you say that Fidel Castro’s life is one to be celebrated?
When we begin to see the true reality of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, some very applicable questions can be asked to why suddenly President Obama began talks with Cuba’s Raul Castro? And, of all the locations in Cuba to hold a photo shoot, President Obama chooses to have a towering image of Che Guevarain the background?
Truth of the matter is that God is in control. What we presently see is not the full story, nor it is even close to the design that God has planned. Rich Verahas said that God has shown him what is going to take place in the nation of Cuba. What he was shown is not only encouraging for Cuba, but the entire Body of Christ. When he sat down with Sid Roth on “It’s Supernatural” he described, in detail, exactly what he was shown.
“God was going to infiltrate ministers of the Gospel that are also business people, and then there was coming an awakening in Cuba, where there was going to be one of the greatest revivals that happened in the Caribbean to the point that Raul Castro will go back to the Catholic Church and to prayer…
…Cuba will be one of the few islands in the Caribbean that will be Christian, that will be dominant as Christians. And, churches are going to grow by the thousands; and the government will not be able to stop it. There will be a transition that God will blow a wind of change. But, the Church in Cuba was going to be a voice for the entire region, even for the state of Florida and part of the U.S.”
We cannot be dismayed by how our current leadership has responded to the nation of Cuba and the leadership of Cuba. As we endure the present transition into the next President of America, it is a timely moment to look back and see what Rich Vera was shown about Donald Trump before he was chosen as President-Elect Trump. “This is a man who is going to be used of God to bring to light a lot of dirt, and for many years to come, you’re going to hear him as a man who would stand in the forefront, and in the media, to expose the secrets of darkness in society and in government, here in America.”

The story doesn’t end just because of what we have seen or what we are now seeing. God is just getting started with the good plans that He has of shining His light throughout the entire Earth through the glory of His Presence. See the whole discussion about the realities of Cuba, understand the truth behind the leadership of Fidel Castro, the decisions of President Obama, God’s plans to bring about revival through Cuba, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: executions, national socialism, international communism, nuclear annihilation, Winston Churchill, The United Kingdom, the Pope, revival, prayer, and hope. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
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