1963 Kenneth Hagin Sr., Prophetic Word Regarding America: Darkness, Atheistic Communism, Race Riots, and the Coming Fire of GOD, Tongues of FIRE

When you see the many tensions that are being amplified and stirred up in America, these are events that we must take special note of. Things have not always been like this. When Kenneth Hagin, Sr. delivered a prophetic word in 1963, its implications have surprisingly accurate applications to the events of today. In this midst of what appears to be increasing chaos, God still has plans to bring about His own purposes.


As Hagin shares, he was taken high into the heavenlies by the Lord, and he could see the entire nation. As he was looking, he was then shown certain things happening over the nation. “For there came a dark hand from out of the ocean, from the East, even the Atlantic Ocean. It came up out of the sea as a hand and it rose up into the air and became a dark cloud; and it filled the whole atmosphere.” It was then that Hagin inquired of the Lord as to what exactly he was seeing. “That is the darkness of Atheistic Communism that is sweeping across the nation.”Continue reading….
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