Are You TIRED OF STRUGGLING In Life? You’ve Got to Finish the Job! says Steven Furtick, of Elevate Church

Sometimes we come across this great idea to implement and carry out. But, somewhere during the process, we hit a snag and the whole operation stops. At some point, we realize that we’ve got to finish the job! Steven Furtick, with Elevate Church shares a powerful perspective that we must understand, not only in these moments, but in our fight against the Devil’s schemes. “We’ve got to finish the job!”
“He (Jesus) didn’t just defeat sin, He destroyed it. Jesus didn’t just die to deliver us from death, He died so that we might reign in life!” If we’re enduring a fight in our life, we have to remember that God is on our side and He fights our enemies. Furtick recounts the reality of David’s battle against Goliath and how the outcome contradicted the onset. “Let’s don’t just survive the struggle. We’ve got the enemy on the run, now let’s take his sword… and finish the job…David went into the battle without a sword, but he left the battle with one, cause he took what was coming against him and God used it to deliver him!” Continue Reading…
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