Imagine a Computer that looked like a Human. Could you Tell the Difference?

LISTEN NOW! Every time we enter more information into our computers, it is simply gathering all of the data that we are giving it. Whether it’s through a keyboard, in a text, or speaking into our mobile devices, it is happening. Imagine the very computer that you are working not looking like it presently does, but just like a human being? Could you be able to tell the difference?


Hanson Robotics is clearly beyond the limits of the envelope as their newest development can easily be perceived as a human being at first glance. It isn’t until one looks behind the figure that the exposed wires reveal what exactly is going on. As CEO of Hanson Robotics, Dr. David Hanson explains, “Hanson Robotics develops extremely life-like robots for human robot interactions.” He also describes how these robots are designed to be used, “to serve in healthcare, therapy, education, and customer service application.”  Continue reading…
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