Nigerian Apostle Isaiah Kadiri Prophetic Word: Coming Move of God on the Gulf Coast

LISTEN NOW! Prophesy is history in advance, to speak things that have not yet come. Some may be aware of it, some may not be, but many have been speaking about the encouraging truth of what God is about to do in America and the world. God has spoken and made known to many in the body of Christ that God is going to pour out His Spirit again, greater than what occurred in the Azusa St Revival that broke out in 1906. It is even more stunning when a man comes from another nation, another continent, unknown from the history of what God has done in America, and confirms these very words as well. This is exactly what happened.

Apostle Isaiah Kadiri followed the voice of the Lord as he traveled to America to share and confirm what the Lord showed and revealed to him. As he shares his powerful story, he shares how a mighty move of God will originate from the Gulf Coast, specifically, Mobile Bay, and spread throughout America and across the oceans to the nations of the world.  Continue reading…

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