NSA Hacked by Shadow Power Brokers? Everything is Hacked by Everyone says Julian Assage

Everyone seems to have a computer today. Whether it is a mobile device, an iPhone, a tablet or laptop, they are all accessible to the internet. Additionally, all of these are accessible to those who want access. When CNN’s Jake Tapper spoke with founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assage, he reveals, “Everything is hacked by everybody. If you’re a major company or a major political party, you end up getting hacked.” Considering the level of technology that our culture experiences, this is significant enough to take special notice.
Glenn Beck discussed the reality of hackers and the possibility of Russian hackers when he talks about shadow brokers. Reportedly, shadow brokers have claimed to have broken into the NSA and stolen malware. What is additionally concerning is that files are now being posted on the internet to be freely viewed. An additional list of files has not yet been released, but as Beck shares, ‘if they receive $1 Million in Bitcoin, which is equivalent to $550 Million, they will also release those on the internet.’ This is rather concerning. Glenn Beck asks a legitimate question through all of this. If these guys have the ability to not only hack into the NSA but also sell the malware, “who are we dealing with?” These ‘hackers’ are not simply asking for cash, but for Bitcoin which is an ‘untraceable currency’, according to Beck.  Continue reading…. 
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