The History of Revival and the Coming Move of God

When oppressive times are at hand, we can often become consumed at what is happening all around us and forget that God is still in control. This couldn’t be more true than what was taking place within Israel during the time of Gideon. What Gideon didn’t know was that he was about to be chosen to lead Israel out of the oppression that the whole nation was experiencing. Regardless of what we see, or what we don’t see, now is the time to look up towards the heavens because these are the moments when God does His best work.

When we look back over the history of the Church over the past few hundred years and the waves of revivals that swept across the Globe, we must remember that each of them took place during very trying times. Because of the faithfulness of those who heard from God, and their unwavering stand for God amidst continual opposition and pressure, countless scores of souls were able to be introduced to the power of God. Continue reading….

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WATCH! Tragic Things are taking place. Are we feeling anything? We need to Cry out to God!
WATCH! The History of Revival and a Coming Move of God

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