Righteous Hearts; Getting rid of unrighteous things in our hearts: Offense, Forgiveness – Ask God to reveal what’s in your heart
2017 IS GOING TO BE A BREAKTHROUGH YEAR! There are many prophetic words that are being released over this year, words of encouragement and hope. Patricia King, with XPMedia, released 17 Prophetic Words for 2017 and the first of these, she has declared how important it is for us to get rid of the unrighteousness in our hearts. As Julie Meyer joined her in discussing the importance of this revelation, she shared. “If we’re still harboring offense and un-forgiveness, it’s pretty impossible to get breakthrough because you’ve got to let go of the last season.” She continued to point out that “it’s hard to have great expectation when you’re holding on to offense.” We must prepare our hearts for what God is about to do.
The trap of offense is so important to overcome, especially in this season. John Bevere wrote a book titled The Bait of Satan that talks about this very scheme and trap of the devil. When we can get over offense, we can get on with what God is doing. We must deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and get on with the plans of the Lord. Hear the full portion of this word and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: bosses, employees, spouses, children, blessings, and breakthrough.  Greg shared in this segment.

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A Year of RESTORATION in 2017
God desires to get many blessings to you this year. As many prophetic words are being released over 2017, Patricia King points out that this year will be a Year of Restoration. So many things have been lost and stolen in the Body of Christ, but as King highlights, there is restoration coming. “Faith, hope, joy, relationships, finances, positions, lands, inheritances, reputations. There are some of you…your reputation got massacred in 2016 and God is going to restore it and vindicate you in 2016.” Also, our bodies and our health is going to be touched mightily by God! John G. Lake said, “God will step over a million people to find one that has the faith to agree with Him”. Now is the time to lock our faith with what God is doing and begin to see the restoration of the Lord in our lives. Be lifted and encouraged as you hear the full words of this prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Did you know that God doesn’t do anything unless he first reveals it prophetically? God is releasing so many prophetic words of hope and encouragement over this year. But to walk in this new season, we must let go of what took place in the last season. Many people are overwhelmed with the pieces of destruction that seem to appear to be all around them, like shattered glass. God is going to restore your families, your businesses, your relationships. It’s time to get that original vision you had when you first started. Allow a fresh wind to blow over your life. Patricia King prophesied about this season by saying that we must focus on love and kindness.
So many have been beat up by the storms and trials of 2016. Our love has been tested and we need refreshment, we need a new outpouring of love. As Patricia King points out, “there is going to be a focus on love and kindness…2017 is to be a love war because we need loving kindness, and mercy, and goodness to manifest.”
It’s easy to love when things are easy, but that is the test. So many people avoid relationships because it is painful but that is when love is tested and proven. What do you think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. went through? Amidst the continued harassment from government agencies, those all around him, he continued to love.
His sister-in-law, Naomi King, shared about a specific instance when Dr. King was detained at the police station and how mistreated he was. But, amidst the continued abuse, he refused to stop loving. As he specifically told her; “The more they mistreat us and abuse us, that’s the more that we’ve got to love them. Hatred is very much alive and we’ve got to love them.”
This season requires us to move in love. The whole thing is about love. If we miss the reality of love, then we have missed the whole point. Love takes time. Love sees the stranger on the street. If you fail at the urgency of a task to love the one next to you then you have failed the task but you have chosen the greater thing, love. When listening to people, allow them to speak and finish their words, even if we already know what they’re saying. Some people just want to be heard and know that they matter. These are exciting truths and paradigms to move in agreement with. Be encouraged and excited as you receive this prophetic word in its entirety, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: hatred, destiny, commitments, assault, meanness, social media, and patience. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Israel, America, & Trump; Trump will restore America’s relationship with Israel
Before President Trump was elected as President, many had received prophetic words about Donald Trump, notably Lance Wallnau, who declared that Donald Trump would be used as a “wrecking ball”. As Patricia King prophetically points out, President Trump will also have significant impact on relationships with Israel.
What some may not be aware of, is the judgment that was very close to coming to America because of the previous Administration’s actions toward Israel. But this will not be the case with the Trump Administration. “What I felt the Lord say is that Trump will restore America’s relationship with Israel this year. There is going to be a restoration work take place there.” We must continue to pray now just as much as prayer was needed leading up to the Presidential elections.
As Donald Trump, has now become President Trump, there are ‘high level demonic spirits’ that are seeking to attack him. As King shares, “Trump is gonna need a lot of prayer this year. He is in a battle on a very, very high level. There are high level demonic spirits that are there, ready to attack and assault…when the enemy sees the anointing of God, he will come against.” Now that the President has taken office, we cannot become lax in our prayers and intercession for the leadership of our nation. “America will have great breakthroughs and will help other nations and counter breakthroughs.”
What is additionally encouraging is the union that has been seen in the spirit as was shared to Patricia King by Johnny Enlow.  “I believe that Trump will be the most important President since Abraham Lincoln and that our nation will, in the future, will have a ‘before Trump’ and ‘after Trump’ historical perspective.” Enlow continues to share that “I believe that the United States great angel named Union has been ordered to step in as he has not been asked to step in since Lincoln’s day…” Enlow also shares an acronym for how President Trump will be used; “Transformation, Reformation, Union, Momentum, and Prosperity.” President Trump has already had very active beginning days as he has begun the Presidency. As was revealed to Greg Lancaster, the people are going to get the White House back.
Hear the full word in context as you hear the full word from Patricia King, the full word from Johnny Enlow, a prophetic dream about President Trump bringing safety from “the cliff” and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: Israel, brakes, “DITCH AMERICA! Winston Churchill, and the military. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Miracles, Signs, & Wonders Increase; Middle East, Egypt, Israel Tension- watch what I’ll do in Syria, ISIS will encounter God
Many have watched the horrendous acts of evil sweeping across the Middle East and bringing terror to those in the region. None of these events have gone unnoticed from the eyes of the Lord. As Patricia King continues to share prophetic words over this year, she points out how God is going to move in the Middle East, especially upon those involved in ISIS.
“God’s eye is particularly gazing upon the Middle East and parts of Asia, such as India and Pakistan in 2017, where there is going to be major release of miracles, signs, like supernatural events taking place.” She speaks about what is taking place in Egypt and the revelation of truth that is coming upon Israel. “The Lord will call many God-fearing intercessory believers even to move to Israel for a period in 2017.”
“Many individuals trapped in the deception of ISIS are going to wake up and see the truth; and some of them are going to get them through dreams and visions and visitations. They’re all of a sudden going to come out of the deception and think, ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What got in to me?’ … It will be like night and day for many of them.” As King points out, we must not just pray that they will see with this clarity, but also for their safety to escape the realities of such darkness because they will be used mightily for the Lord.“…They are going to risk their lives for [God’s] justice, righteousness and glory…So where they were willing to risk their lives for deception, it’s going to turn around and they’re going to use that for risking their lives for good.”
We have seen this exact reality take place in the life and testimony of Kamal Saleem who came as a Radical Jihadist to wage Cultural Jihad in America, but contrary to his plans, he encountered the love and power of Jesus Christ and gave his life to the Lord.
In these critical hours of what the Lord is doing, we will not experience such powerful demonstrations of God’s power if we are satisfied with the emptiness of religion. It is in the encounters of God’s goodness that we can’t help but share His goodness with others. This is the very paradigm that Bill Johnson writes about in his book God is Good. We need a new understanding of the goodness of the Father and now, more than ever, is a critical time for this divine understanding. Be encouraged as you hear the entire word from Patricia King and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: conviction, veil of darkness, burden for the lost, terrorism, Islam, kindness, and repentance. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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