PROPHECY! God Heard our Cry, A Midnight Interruption, John Kilpatrick
These truly are exciting days! For those who have been long time listeners and viewers of VFNtv, you know there have been many difficult words that we have had to prophetically cry out to the Lord about. At the end of each and every program, we have asked God to end abortion, send revival, and send a Third Great Awakening! As Pastor John Kilpatrick shares, God has heard our cry!
As Pastor Kilpatrick shares, the Lord woke him up in the middle of the night with these very words, “At midnight, a cry was made, ‘Behold the Bridegroom comes, go out to meet him.’ Then they arose, both the wise and the foolish. They awoke from slumber.” Pastor Kilpatrick looked directly at his clock, and the digital numbers boldly proclaimed “12:00”. Holy Spirit continued to speak to Pastor Kilpatrick about the season that we have entered and the many different opportunities that God is now making available to His people.
Therefore, I have set before My people open doors—not just a door, but many doors. I am opening doors of opportunity that have not been opened to you before. Because there has been a great change of heart, I have hastened to answer. Many have awakened, but they have not arisen. My word now is, ‘Arise!’ Do not return to slumber as in times past, because there will be many opportunities that I am opening to this nation, and very effectual doors that I am opening to My Church.
These doors will lead to greater resources than you have known. It is important not to be timid, intimidated or fearful. This is not one of the four seasons I have established in the earth, but this is a special season. It is a time of My choosing. As the men of Issachar had understanding of the times to know what to do, so I will give you that very same insight if you will ask of me. I will direct you and show you.
When God spoke to Jonah, He directed Jonah to declare a message to the city of Nineveh. God wanted Jonah to tell the city what was coming in hopes that they would repent. The city responded. The city shifted, but Jonah didn’t. God has blessings in store. He heard our cry and God has shifted the seasons. It’s time to stop talking about the torrential storm. There is not going to be a storm. There are going to be rough times, but it’s not going to be as we were previously shown. This is a special season. It’s time to change your mindsets, and let the ways of yesteryear go. Be greatly stirred and lifted up as you hear the entire word and all of the prophetic words from Pastor Kilpatrick about 2017, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Closed Societies are Going to be Open Again, John Kilpatrick 
For so long negative news has gone forth and difficult prophetic words had to be shared. But, the things that were being shown are not going to happen. Pastor John Kilpatrick, from Church of His Presence, shares about how God is going to open the closed societies in the world.
“The thing that will mark this move of My Spirit to distinguish it from all others is that I am going to move mightily in closed nations and closed societies. The word of spiritual bread among these starving and closed nations will create spiritual refugees, which will immediately create movement of entire nations of hungry and spiritually starving refugees toward the outstations of fresh bread. My Spirit will spread like a fire through empires, dynasties, tribes, clans, and among the heathen as well.”
Pastor Kilpatrick continued to point out three different areas of how God was specifically going to move;
“I am going to unseat powers and principalities in those regions that have long deprived the people of My presence and of My Spirit. A brief, but widespread harvest will occur. A once closed society of unbelievers will now have the opportunity to hear and to believe upon the Lord Jesus. Two, There will also be a movement of laborers, those that I have chosen and called to work the fields of harvest. This is your time. This is what they have awaited, many since childhood. This is their time….Three, There will also be a great commotion of the leaders of the harvest taking their places. They shall direct the harvest and place the laborers where they best fit. They are My apostolic leaders overseeing this last day harvest. They will know the mind of the Spirit.”
This is so exciting! We saw the storm coming, cried out to God, prepared for the storm, yet also prepared as if it wasn’t coming. Now is the time that we must get prepared; we must hasten our preparations of the coming abundant harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom. When we hear these words, we must respond with action, as a doer of the Word, not just a hearer of the Word.
These realities are like the football coach in Facing the Giants. When he was considering leaving his position as coach, he was surprised when God brought someone into his very office to share the very words of encouragement that he needed. When he responded with his own difficulty of seeing God’s hand at work, he was told about two different farmers. “I heard a story about two farmers who desperately needed rain, and both of them prayed for rain; but only one of them went out and prepared his fields to receive it. Which one do you think trusted God to send the rain?” When the coach pointed to the one that prepared his fields, he was asked, “Which one are you?”
The harvest is going to come in. The question is, are you ready to disciple the harvest? Are walking down The Emmaus Roadas one of Jesus’ disciples? God has good plans in store. Now is the time to respond in agreement with what God is doing. Be encouraged and lifted up as you hear the rest of the prophetic word from Pastor Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Ministry Made Easy in 2017, John Kilpatrick
Have you ever seen those trying to put out a fire with a line of individuals passing buckets of water only to get a single bucket of water on the fire at a time? For some, ministry has felt like that. Our hearts are so full of deep gratitude for all of you who have stayed faithful to the Lord with your hard work for Him. Many people will be able to walk with the Lord in this next season because of your faithfulness in the previous season. Pastor Kilpatrick shares this uplifiting word of how ministry will not be as it once was. As he puts it, Ministry Made Easy.
In the day of harvest, although brief, it will be said that it has never been so easy to preach, pray or prophesy. There will be no toil in leading the heathen to the wells of living water. The sick will be released. The bound will be easily delivered, and the lost will readily comprehend the way. This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then the end shall come… Even so, Lord Jesus!
God is doing so many awesome things in our sight that it may take us two or three years just to comprehend the breadth of all that He has done and is doing. Just as what took place in the Brownsville Revival, God will pour out His presence upon His laborers to continually sow into the harvest day after day. We must not seek to apply the same techniques as we once thought when the harvest was difficult. Give your everything to God, including your mindsets of how you think things have to be and watch the miraculous taking place all around you. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word and prepare your heart for what God is doing, and so much more. Greg and Joh shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! The Jews Day of Visitation is Coming in 2017, John Kilpatrick 
For many years we have continually been praying for Israel, and for God’s hand to move mightily upon the nation of Israel. As Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share prophetic words about 2017, he shares how the Jews’ Day of Visitation is coming.
Most importantly, there will be a long-awaited harvest that will begin in the land of Israel. The light of salvation will shine upon the Jews. As God reveals His love for His people through a chain of miraculous deliverances, the house of Israel will begin to see Jehovah’s salvation in a new light through Jesus’ shed blood. This will surely be the beginning; but full salvation shall come at a later appointed time for the Jewish people alone, and Israel shall experience a rebirth in one day.
This is so exciting! Some may have a fantasy of what it is like to minister in the land of Israel. In all actuality, it can be the hardest place to minister. For so long, the enemy has tried to destroy the land, but as the Lord has made known, ministry will be made easy! Continue to lift up your prayers for the nation of Israel, the Jewish people, as you hear the full prophetic word for 2017, and so much more. Greg and Joh shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Muslims will Receive The Message in 2017, John Kilpatrick 
Regardless of what nationality of people someone may be discussing, God loves every race, and every nationality of people across the entire globe; all 7 billion people! God loves the Muslim people and the nations of the Middle East. As Pastor John Kilpatrickcontinues to share prophetic words for what is about to come upon the face of the Earth, he shares how God is about to come mightily upon Muslims.
Because the Lord is no respecter of persons, a GREAT shaking is coming to the Muslim nations. It will be sudden! It will be an unexpected and unexplained shaking that will redefine many Muslim nations and their leadership structures. The Lord is now in the process of shaking institutions, cultures, dialects, nationalities, governments, political structures and their frameworks, which men have trusted through generations. Many of them will be so shaken they cannot survive the shaking. Holy Spirit will even destabilize power structures, and many of those things that men have relied upon will ultimately fail. Truth will grip men’s hearts like a vice, even the unbelievers’ hearts and the hearts of the heathen. Ears will be opened to hear, even the ears of the unregenerate.
These are beautiful words to hear as we have heard many reports of Muslims coming to Christ during Ramadan, seeing them getting baptized, and many other exciting testimonies of what God is doing in their midst. These truly are exciting days. Allow your faith to be stirred and lifted up as you hear the full prophetic words from Pastor Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Restless for a Reason, John Kilpatrick
For some of you, there has been a uneasy restlessness upon you. As Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share prophetic words for 2017, he highlights how God is using this restlessness for a reason. God is going to begin to shift things and He is going use that Restlessness for a Reason; in order to get you to shift where He has you to be.
You are in ministry, and you are restless where you are. You have reached a place where you have peaked in your vision and capacity. That is all right because God is opening a door for you by the month of July, and you will walk through that door. This door will stretch you—stretch your mind and stretch your confidence. You will be forced to change your mind about things, which you need to change your mind about. As a matter of fact, you will feel overwhelmed, not really knowing if you can do this. Indeed, it is an open door Holy Spirit has opened, which He could not have offered you until now because your frustration has peaked.
You are now in holy desperation, and Holy Spirit will use that to remove you, so He can move you through this open door.
This is so exciting as many who have experienced transition can relate to that. When God begins to move you, when God begins to shift things, when He begins to shift you, it’s always good to go with God. Now is the time to step outside of the mindsets of the past and into what God is doing now! Be lifted up in your faith as you hear the entire word from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! God is Going to Cleanse Your Bloodline, John Kilpatrick
Many prayers have been lifted up for those that do not know the Lord, especially those in your immediate family, and extended family members. Pastor John Kilpatrick shares another encouraging prophetic word when he points out how the Lord is going to Cleanse Your Bloodline.
“Blindness has plagued your large biological family, and generational curses have plagued your bloodline; but Holy Spirit is now removing the blindness because of your prayers, and they will see of the goodness of God for the very first time.” What is additionally encouraging is the breadth to which salvation is about to come. “I now have servants poised that I will use to break the entrenched lies and remove the scales from their eyes as Ananias did from Saul of Tarsus. This will not be a single person that will be freed, but an entire family. I, the Lord, already have plans to use them to set many other captives free.”
Don’t let anything stop you from believing in and walking in agreement with what God has said He is going to do in your life. We have to be willing to walk through the very realities that God has delivered us from, and He will anoint us to help others walk out similar journeys of their own. This is so encouraging to hear all that the Lord is doing. Lock your faith in agreement with what God is declaring as you hear the entire prophetic word from Pastor Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Shy Seers and Intimidated Prophets, John Kilpatrick
For some of those who have tried to share the prophetic words of the Lord, they have been met with opposition and difficulty. Some have then responded in shyness, steering away from what isn’t received, or from what wouldn’t be received well. People have expressed that others may not receive that word and cause doubt for those speaking out what God has directed them to share. As Pastor John Kilpatrickcontinues to share prophetic words for 2017, he highlights how the times of shyness and intimidation are over.
You have been frustrated and have felt rejected and left out—you have felt like a misfit, but because of the integrity and goodness of your heart and your unwavering love for truth, Holy Spirit is now opening to you visions, interpretation of dreams and even words of knowledge. Each time, as you release them, it will expand you, and you will become more and more comfortable with this gift; whereas before, you halted and had faltering confidence.
I am going to open your eyes as Elisha’s servant, Gehazi, had his eyes opened to My world of glory and power. You will become so bold and you will not retreat again to the intimidation of the past. This will be very easy, so easy that you will not struggle with the transformation. It will be as though you were always this free. If you believe, you will see! Confirm yourself to yourself. Do not speak doubt to yourself any longer. The doubt delays your usefulness among My people.
THIS IS A NEW SEASON!! When we resolve to walk in the boldness of the word that God has revealed to us, we’ll find that people will just have to adjust and line up their lives with what God says is true. It’s time to line up our own thoughts and hearts with what God says is going to happen. Be lifted up in your faith as you hear the full prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Stay Where You Are in 2017, John Kilpatrick
Sometimes we come across the temptations to flee to the very things that look easier instead of remaining faithful where God has established us and called us to be. If it’s not God, it is never easy. It’s important for us to be exactly where God has called us to be in 2017. This is exactly what Pastor John Kilpatrick shared when he shares the prophetic word Stay Where You Are.
Your temptation is to go down to Egypt. You desperately want to depart, but you must realize that your increase will come by staying where you are. For Isaac, the hundredfold increase was found upon the famine of yesterday. The boughs of the trees will once again be found with blooms, and the corn that wilted and wasted in the fields shall surge to life with bountiful supply.
Do not think famine, or talk famine. Lift up your eyes so that you may experience the plenty, for the plenty shall indeed replace famine. For right where you are is right where I have placed you, and that is where you will flourish—not in Egypt. BE STILL!
This is so important to recognize and remember during the rough seasons. Sometimes, we can be so consumed with the thought of ‘when will this break?’ It breaks NOW IN 2017. So many people are trying to line up with the world in order for the world to receive the word that God has placed inside of them. Instead of changing the word that God has placed inside of you, simply change your audience and continue to share the word. Be lifted up and encouraged as you hear the entire word from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Land Transfer in 2017, John Kilpatrick
Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share encouraging prophetic words as he points out a coming land transfer will be received in the coming months. “A tract of land is going to come into your possession. It will be a gift. The possibilities will be limitless, but Holy Spirit says He will give you direction upon possession of it. You were not even expecting it, but this word will make much more sense to you by October.” Hear the entire prophetic word from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Love Never Fails, John Kilpatrick
Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share encouraging prophetic words as he shares that Love Never Fails.  “Just because the marriage failed does not mean that you are a failure. It simply means it failed. My plan for you did not fail when your marriage did. I know your heart, and I know the way you have chosen. It is the way of honor and kindness. You have preserved your dignity as well as your husband’s. Love covers a multitude of sin. Look forward, there is love awaiting you once again. I will remember you in that day, and you will recall this word to you. It will bring peace and hope to you!” Hear the entire prophetic word from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Trump and His Generals, John Kilpatrick
Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share prophetic words over 2017 as he talks about a recent dialogue he had with the Holy Spirit and what the Lord revealed to him about Trump and His Generals. While having a conversation with one of his administrators, Pastor Kilpatrick was suddenly asked a question by the Holy Spirit; “How do you spell Truman?” When Pastor Kilpatrick then spelled out Truman, Holy Spirit then asked him, “How do you spell Trump?” After then spelling out Trump, the Holy Spirit continued to speak to him. “Who did
President Truman lean on to help the Jews get back into the Holy Land?” He replied, “General Eisenhower.” The Holy Spirit continued, “I have raised up Trump and have given him generals to lean on to help him defend the Jews and keep them in their land. General Eisenhower brought them in, and these contemporary generals will keep them there. What was, will be again.”
The Holy Spirit then asked another question; “How do you spell truth?” As Pastor Kilpatrick once again spelled out the next word, the Holy Spirit once again responded with more revelation. “The Lord said that He is changing the appetites of people. Instead of rejoicing in rumors and lies, the people will now become excited to hear truth again. They will love the truth and reject the lies, as well as the liars. This will not be true of everyone in every place; but a shift has already happened, and it happened last week. “Truth had fallen in the streets, but I am lifting it up again; and it shall cause great rejoicing. I, the Lord, have done this by My own power, by My right arm of might and by My justice.”

This is so important to recognize. When God puts a man in place of leadership, who is a friend of Israel, and a friend with the Church, we must stand in support of this leadership. We have to stand behind our president with prayer. Hear the entire prophetic word from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.



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