The Approaching Cinematic Release of “The Shack”; and a Review by Rick Joyner

LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! We are now only days away from the approaching cinematic release of the movie ‘The Shack’. It is the motion picture release of the book, “The Shack”. The Shack refers to the deep and dark places in our hearts where many of our deepest pains and sorrows are. As the storyline unfolds, we see one man experience a devastating reality and then the invitation to his own shack. As only a few have been able to see the pre-screening of this motion picture, Rick Joyner, with Morningstar Ministries, was able to see the film first hand. He gives an insightful response considering the controversy of possible topics discussed as well as his own thoughts on the making of the film. See the full trailer, as well as the full review from Joyner, and so much more. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
screen capture from /Lionsgate Movies


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