Father Speaks Out Against Sex Trafficking Realities, A Warning to Parents Everywhere

LISTEN NOW! Many of us can attest to the reality that how our current generation of kids and teenagers are growing up, is entirely new uncharted territory compared to how childhood was 20 years ago. As one father describes his daughter’s relentless attention to social media and technology, he was surprised to find out how a recent decision to let her travel to Reno ended up.
“Yesterday, I get a call from the sheriff, and they have my child in San Jose; and she had been a victim of a sting.”He further describes what had taken place. “It was a nationwide investigation company that was investigating minors being sold online for sex.” Further explaining what unfolded, he gets to the heart of the matter. “This could happen to anybody’s child. You think your kids on the phone, or on the internet, whatever, you think you know what they’re doing…this world doesn’t care about our children man, we got to!”

She could have ended up being sex trafficked across America or taken to an entirely different nation. Social Media continually portrays a reality that is nothing but luring children and teenagers into a false sense of hope. Looking strictly through technology, we have no idea who it is that is on the other end. Technology is simply not real and it can never replace authentic relationships. See this father humbly sharing his heart, and so much more. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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