Franklin Graham Urgent Call to Prayer for Persecuted Christians from Egypt

LISTEN NOW! Acts of evil and persecution are continuing to take place throughout the world. Christians in the Middle East, the Coptic Christians are some of the oldest lineage of Christians in the present world. It is these Christians that are experiencing some of the most severe forms of persecution for their faith. With these acts of persecution taking place, Franklin Graham is urging the Global Church to lift up the Coptic Christians.
According to, Graham describes how some of these Christians are experiencing persecution at the hands of ISIS. “The Islamic State stormed into the home of a plumber and shot him to death in front of his wife and children on Thursday. A few days ago, a teacher was shot to death by masked gunmen. One man was beheaded and another set on fire. All in the name of Islam.” If these atrocities were not horrible enough, Graham also addressed how ISIS is planning on increasing the attacks. “In a video earlier this week, the Islamic State vowed to step up attacks against the Coptic Christian minority, describing them as infidels. Hundreds have fled their homes for safety. One Coptic resident said, ‘I’m not going to wait for death.’ ISIS wants to exterminate them—wipe them out—because they bear the name of Christ”.
These realities are proof positive of how the strategies of darkness are carried out. One would think that with a new leadership in place, that acknowledges the Church, supports Israel and defends Israel, things would be going good. But this is not the case. The devil will never be satisfied when Israel and the Church is supported and defended. We must remain steadfast in our faith in Jesus Christ, regardless who would be against us or how we are persecuted. Be encouraged in your faith, as well as your prayers as you hear about how the Church is enduring in times of persecution, how Mariam Ibraheem overcame the odds of persecution, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: prison, jail, chains, faith, cemetery, vandals, Egypt, and President el-Sisi. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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