PROPHECY! Harvest, Stadiums, & Evangelists; Stadiums Gatherings Will Increase, Emerging Evangelists for Stadiums, New Breed of Evangelist

LISTEN NOW! Everything is shifting in this new season. As Patricia King points out what she has seen regarding a mighty harvest, she details how stadiums will be used. “Stadium gatherings, increased stadium gatherings will spring up in the nation and many souls are going to be saved on mass.” It’s not just one or two who will be used as evangelists in these gatherings. “A new breed of evangelist is going to be raised up.” This lines up in accordance with what the Lord showed Greg Lancaster, crowds as far as the eye could see. God had already prepared their hearts as they were ready to receive the Lord. What God is about to do cannot fit into any one single building. Be encouraged and lifted up as you hear the entire word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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