IOT; Internet of Things is the Greatest Concern for Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

LISTEN NOW! The Internet is one thing, but the Internet of Things is another. It’s so much of a thing, that its being addressed by leaders of cybersecurity, as well as a point of discussion between President Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
CBN News is reporting how leaders are commenting about the Internet of Things, such as Dr. Eviatar Matania, Director General reasons, “One is our need and notion of security and cybersecurity is part of security in general. The second one is our hi-tech industry and the third one is ‘our security forces.” Dr. Matania highlights how “cyberspace doesn’t have borders”. When Rudy Guliani, an advisor to President Trump on Cyber Security, was asked about these dangers, he responded, “I don’t think it’s a fully declared war, complete ongoing war, but we have a lot of cyberattacks for different reasons. And of course we have a great concern in the United States with cyberattacks from terrorists, not just from nations.”
Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is also sounding the trumpet of concern and caution towards the technology of the “Internet of Things”. “The Internet of Things (IOT) can be hijacked by nefarious actors for dangerous purposes with dangerous results”. He continues, “Again, what you see today is going to get a lot worse in the future if we don’t band together.” It’s one thing to be on the observant side of these types of technologies. But how bad can it get. CEO of Cyber Rider, Erez Kreiner, peers into the possible dangers of what could go wrong if someone were to hack into the Internet of Things for evil purposes.
“Now think that you’re driving your car and suddenly from your media system you hear, ‘alright, this is John the terrible guy. I hacked your car and if you don’t transfer now that kind of money to my account, just look what I can do.’ And then he accelerates the car and then he stops the car, turns the wheel to the right, to the left, turns the wheel to the right, you understand?”
Technology is advancing so rapidly. Technological devices are no longer limited to our phones, or our computer, but now refrigerators, and even our cars can be added to the mix. We are transitioning from the internet of people to the internet of things. Technology in itself is not bad, it is simply how we use technology. When the radio was invented, people thought it was the end of privacy. Again, when the television was introduced, people were against it as well. Now, once again, as further technology is being developed, there is increasing caution. But, remember too that technology is allowing the Gospel to advance further than ever thought possible. Allow your understanding of how the internet is not only impacting your computer, but also everyday objects, being use to advance the Kingdom, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: hacking, war, terrorism, cyber-attacks, hijackings, radio systems, frequencies, William Tyndale, banks, and revival. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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