PROPHECY! Kingdom Economy; will Manifest Miracle Level of Provision – How to Receive Provision out of the Realm of the Spirit

LISTEN NOW! God’s economy is not limited by the economies of this world. Patricia King shares another uplifting word from the Lord as to what is going to transpire in 2017. “Kingdom economy will manifest miracle levels of provision.” It takes wisdom to walk in this miraculous, and King also highlights, “The Body of Christ is going to learn how to receive provision out of the realm of the Spirit, out of the realm of the Kingdom, and it will manifest in the natural.”
We are seeing this happen even as of right now as many partners and business sponsors have decided to stand alongside with what God is doing with VFNtv. There have been multiple testimonies of miraculous provisions coming because of standing in agreement with the Lord. It is important to remember that as soon as the Lord’s gavel of justice hits, provision comes. When the thief is identified, he must return seven times what was stolen. There is about to be a huge wealth transfer that is coming to the Body of Christ. It’s time to be a part of what is shifting. Get the full report of what the Lord is revealing, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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