LISTEN NOW! Did you know that God doesn’t do anything unless he first reveals it prophetically? God is releasing so many prophetic words of hope and encouragement over this year. But to walk in this new season, we must let go of what took place in the last season. Many people are overwhelmed with the pieces of destruction that seem to appear to be all around them, like shattered glass. God is going to restore your families, your businesses, your relationships. It’s time to get that original vision you had when you first started. Allow a fresh wind to blow over your life. Patricia King prophesied about this season by saying that we must focus on love and kindness.
So many have been beat up by the storms and trials of 2016. Our love has been tested and we need refreshment, we need a new outpouring of love. As Patricia King points out, “there is going to be a focus on love and kindness…2017 is to be a love war because we need loving kindness, and mercy, and goodness to manifest.”
It’s easy to love when things are easy, but that is the test. So many people avoid relationships because it is painful but that is when love is tested and proven. What do you think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. went through? Amidst the continued harassment from government agencies, those all around him, he continued to love.
His sister-in-law, Naomi King, shared about a specific instance when Dr. King was detained at the police station and how mistreated he was. But, amidst the continued abuse, he refused to stop loving. As he specifically told her; “The more they mistreat us and abuse us, that’s the more that we’ve got to love them. Hatred is very much alive and we’ve got to love them.”
This season requires us to move in love. The whole thing is about love. If we miss the reality of love, then we have missed the whole point. Love takes time. Love sees the stranger on the street. If you fail at the urgency of a task to love the one next to you then you have failed the task but you have chosen the greater thing, love. When listening to people, allow them to speak and finish their words, even if we already know what they’re saying. Some people just want to be heard and know that they matter. These are exciting truths and paradigms to move in agreement with. Be encouraged and excited as you receive this prophetic word in its entirety, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: hatred, destiny, commitments, assault, meanness, social media, and patience. Greg and John shared in this segment. 




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