PROPHECY! Ministry Made Easy in 2017, John Kilpatrick

LISTEN NOW! Have you ever seen those trying to put out a fire with a line of individuals passing buckets of water only to get a single bucket of water on the fire at a time? For some, ministry has felt like that. Our hearts are so full of deep gratitude for all of you who have stayed faithful to the Lord with your hard work for Him. Many people will be able to walk with the Lord in this next season because of your faithfulness in the previous season. Pastor Kilpatrick shares this uplifting word of how ministry will not be as it once was. As he puts it, Ministry Made Easy.
In the day of harvest, although brief, it will be said that it has never been so easy to preach, pray or prophesy. There will be no toil in leading the heathen to the wells of living water. The sick will be released. The bound will be easily delivered, and the lost will readily comprehend the way. This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then the end shall come… Even so, Lord Jesus!


God is doing so many awesome things in our sight that it may take us two or three years just to comprehend the breadth of all that He has done and is doing. Just as what took place in the Brownsville Revival, God will pour out His presence upon His laborers to continually sow into the harvest day after day. We must not seek to apply the same techniques as we once thought when the harvest was difficult. Give your everything to God, including your mindsets of how you think things have to be and watch the miraculous taking place all around you. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word and prepare your heart for what God is doing, and so much more. Greg and Joh shared in this segment. 


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