PROPHECY! Miracles, Signs, & Wonders Increase; Middle East, Egypt, Israel Tension- watch what I’ll do in Syria, ISIS will encounter God

LISTEN NOW! Many have watched the horrendous acts of evil sweeping across the Middle East and bringing terror to those in the region. None of these events have gone unnoticed from the eyes of the Lord. As Patricia King continues to share prophetic words over this year, she points out how God is going to move in the Middle East, especially upon those involved in ISIS.
“God’s eye is particularly gazing upon the Middle East and parts of Asia, such as India and Pakistan in 2017, where there is going to be major release of miracles, signs, like supernatural events taking place.” She speaks about what is taking place in Egypt and the revelation of truth that is coming upon Israel. “The Lord will call many God-fearing intercessory believers even to move to Israel for a period in 2017.”
“Many individuals trapped in the deception of ISIS are going to wake up and see the truth; and some of them are going to get them through dreams and visions and visitations. They’re all of a sudden going to come out of the deception and think, ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What got in to me?’ … It will be like night and day for many of them.” As King points out, we must not just pray that they will see with this clarity, but also for their safety to escape the realities of such darkness because they will be used mightily for the Lord.“…They are going to risk their lives for [God’s] justice, righteousness and glory…So where they were willing to risk their lives for deception, it’s going to turn around and they’re going to use that for risking their lives for good.”
We have seen this exact reality take place in the life and testimony of Kamal Saleem who came as a Radical Jihadist to wage Cultural Jihad in America, but contrary to his plans, he encountered the love and power of Jesus Christ and gave his life to the Lord.
In these critical hours of what the Lord is doing, we will not experience such powerful demonstrations of God’s power if we are satisfied with the emptiness of religion. It is in the encounters of God’s goodness that we can’t help but share His goodness with others. This is the very paradigm that Bill Johnson writes about in his book God is Good. We need a new understanding of the goodness of the Father and now, more than ever, is a critical time for this divine understanding. Be encouraged as you hear the entire word from Patricia King and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: conviction, veil of darkness, burden for the lost, terrorism, Islam, kindness, and repentance. Greg and John shared in this segment. 




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