PROPHECY! Muslims will Receive The Message in 2017, John Kilpatrick

LISTEN NOW! Regardless of what nationality of people someone may be discussing, God loves every race, and every nationality of people across the entire globe; all 7 billion people! God loves the Muslim people and the nations of the Middle East. As Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share prophetic words for what is about to come upon the face of the Earth, he shares how God is about to come mightily upon Muslims.
Because the Lord is no respecter of persons, a GREAT shaking is coming to the Muslim nations. It will be sudden! It will be an unexpected and unexplained shaking that will redefine many Muslim nations and their leadership structures. The Lord is now in the process of shaking institutions, cultures, dialects, nationalities, governments, political structures and their frameworks, which men have trusted through generations. Many of them will be so shaken they cannot survive the shaking. Holy Spirit will even destabilize power structures, and many of those things that men have relied upon will ultimately fail. Truth will grip men’s hearts like a vice, even the unbelievers’ hearts and the hearts of the heathen. Ears will be opened to hear, even the ears of the unregenerate.
These are beautiful words to hear as we have heard many reports of Muslims coming to Christ during Ramadan, seeing them getting baptized, and many other exciting testimonies of what God is doing in their midst. These truly are exciting days. Allow your faith to be stirred and lifted up as you hear the full prophetic words from Pastor Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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