PROPEHCY! Cure for Alzheimer’s and Cancer, Rich Vera

LISTEN NOW! Rich Vera has described and released many prophetic words from the Lord that have come to pass. One of his recent words will surely encourage you as you hear Sid Roth point out how they are already beginning to come to pass. “He said ‘he saw that we were on the brink for a cure for Alzheimer’s; we were on the brink of a cure for cancer.’ But, guess what we’ve been seeing in the headlines? Exactly what you’ve prophesied!”


When God reveals to us words prophetically, it is so important for us to step out in boldness and declare what the Lord has shared with us, even when it openly contradicts whatever may be in the natural. People may criticize you, or deny the very words that you are sharing, but you must remain strong. Our God is 100% totally in control of everything. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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