PROPHECY! Bottom Line 2017 COMPLETE VICTORY, Cindy Jacobs

LISTEN NOW! We need a new language from the Lord to understand how to walk in this new season. The many prophetic words shared from Cindy Jacobs, Rich Vera, and Perry Stone are a prophetic delivery of what that language sounds like: HOPE! When Sid Roth asked Cindy Jacobs what she had heard from the Lord regarding this new year, she declared a powerful delivery of truth.
“Bottom line: the number 17 means ‘complete victory’”. Jacobs continues to explain the meaning of 2017, “overcoming to complete victory”. This is the very season and time that so many people have been asking and praying for. “There are some people who have waited, and waited, and waited for their breakthrough; and this is the breakthrough year.” She continues to encourage all of us to “stand on this word” regardless of what we may see or experience in our midst, and God will bring about His promises.
This is such a powerful year, as the Hebrew Calendar also points out, is 5777. As Jacobs explains, “This is the year of the crown sword, meaning great authority is coming. The Sword of the Lord is going to cut off deception. It’s going to cut off evil intent of our enemies.” What is an additionally amazing historic moment is how Jacobs connects the Hebrew calendar year and the specific age of President Trump the first day he took office. As she responds to the questions from Sid Roth, she highlights how this year is about so much more. “I know that God is getting ready to pour out the greatest awakening that America has ever known. I’m telling you, we’re in it. We’re in it…”
Now is the time, more than ever, to rise up and respond to what God is doing. God has called us to a season of mercy. This is that season. Be revitalized in your faith as you hear the full comments from Cindy Jacobs, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: inauguration, reformation, worship, George Barna, and Tommy Tenney. Greg shared in this segment. 



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