PROPHECY! Hold on Special Season of Breakthrough, Time for Reset, Restoration, and Salvation, Rich Vera

LISTEN NOW! So many people have lifted up so many different prayers for a vast array of individuals, situations, and needs. As Rich Vera has recently spoken with Sid Roth, he encourages us all by declaring, “those prayers have not been in vein.” As others have talked about this being the year of breakthrough, Rich Vera highlights how it’s much more than that. “Breakthrough is also the release for spiritual activity upon a people that are ready for breakthrough.”It’s important to know what breakthrough is not, but more importantly, what it is. Vera continues, “Now breakthrough don’t happen just because you claim breakthrough. It happens when you have prepared your life, you have taken the right steps to walk in breakthrough.” Vera lists some of the areas that each of us can be focusing on so that we can prepare our lives to walk in this breakthrough that God is releasing. “…being faithful to God, church attendance, living a life surrendered to Jesus. Are you faithful in your giving, in your tithing, if you want financial breakthrough?”
For those that have gotten tired of their situations, amidst continual prayers, thus stopping to pray, Vera has an additional word of encouragement for you. “God is going to give them a change to push the reset button and start all over again. This is the season to reset our lives.”


It is time to forget the past and walk in agreement with the season that God has released. Be encouraged as you hear the full prophetic word from Rich Vera, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: good seeds, harvest, and faithfulness. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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