PROPHECY! Law of Attraction- Love Attraction – Reaping of Seeds Sown, Rich Vera

LISTEN NOW! When we speak these powerful words from the Lord out in the atmosphere, it causes powerful effects. As Rich Vera describes it, it’s God’s Law of Attraction. This term wasn’t Vera’s idea, but revealed to him through the Holy Spirit. As he shares, it was Christmas morning when he was woken up by the voice of the Lord declaring these words, “I’m releasing the law of attraction over my people.” As he continues to consider what God has just spoken to him, he was shown more. Vera continues, “We are living in a season where all the seeds that have been sown, I’m not just talking about money; prayer, faithfulness, people that stuck to the Church faithfully, all the seeds that we have sown in love, and kindness, this is the season that God is going to literally activate it, it’s going to come back to us, the seeds that we sowed.”
This is the year of the Wealth Transfer, as Pastor John Kilpatrick has revealed. It’s important to confess what God’s Word says is true and accurate, regardless of what we may be seeing or feeling in the natural. God is waiting to release His goodness to us when we get in agreement with what He is doing. Bill Johnson points out, in his book God is Good, how our words activate the spiritual. “The decree itself is important because some things don’t manifest until they are spoken. If we realized how what we say attracts spiritual reinforcements, angelic or demonic, we’d be much more careful to watch what we say.” We are known by the confessions that we have. It’s time to get in agreement with God. God is shifting the world as it will take all of us to bring in a billion soul harvest. This is the Year of Breakthrough. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: activation, sin, sickness, finances, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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PROPHECY! The Prophetic is not about releasing Words but about releasing the Spirit, Rich Vera
PROPHECY! Hold on Special Season of Breakthrough, Time for Reset, Restoration, and Salvation, Rich Vera

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