PROPHECY! Move of God among Young People, Jubilee Cycle God to Touch a Fatherless Generation, Perry Stone

LISTEN NOW! God loves every generation. Regardless of how old someone may be, God desires that they would know Him as The Father. A man may have children, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he, himself, has a father in his life. There has to be someone in his life to do that. God recently spoke to Perry Stone about how he would father a generation. Stone describes how 6,000 young people have already signed up for an upcoming conference he is leading without beginning any advertising. During another conference, while Stone was preaching, he shares “700 young people received the baptism in 10 minutes.”  Stone also points out how this generation is so focused on the things of the Lord. “They are not into things. They are not into money…They are so into God that it is absolutely mind blowing. It’s the Joel 2 generation and the Joel 2 army. It’s exactly what’s happening.” Stone continues to reveal the importance of recognizing the Jubilee Cycle and that it is this year. As Stone shares, “Only God could have turned this thing around.”

It is so important that we recognize the miraculous turn-around that has taken place in America. It is simply a bi-polar opposite of what we had before. We must respond to this window of opportunity, to contact our senators, our congressmen, and congresswomen, and encourage them to work in agreement with how our President is moving. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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