PROPHECY! Move of God Coming to the Universities, God is going to Anoint an Army to move in Signs and Wonders, Media Revolutionaries, Cindy Jacobs

LISTEN NOW! It is important that we live not by sight, but by faith. If someone were to discuss the universities in America, multiple topics of conversations may take place, but when we listen to what Cindy Jacobs recently released about what the Lord is doing, we can walk in agreement with her powerful words. “The universities are going to experience a move of God that is going to bring the fear of the Lord!” She continues to highlight that “people who have been crying out for the anointing to fall on them, God is getting ready to anoint an army that is going to be so powerful to move in signs and wonders. It’s going to be in the supermarket. It’s going to be in Walmart. It’s going to be in McDonalds…It’s going to be everywhere!”
Jacobs continues to describe how God is going to move in area of media. “If the [media] continues to persecute the Church, and the singers who will stand up and not be ashamed, and not be in political correctness, those networks, those media outlets are going to fall down.” Jacobs continues to share how God is “raising up an alternative voice that is media revolutionaries…There is going to be YouTube revival.”


Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: social networking, persecution, and anointing. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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