PROPHECY! Move of God in Rural Areas, Tsunamis and Natural Disasters, Perry Stone

LISTEN NOW! God has been revealing and showing many of the coming powerful moves of God that will sweep across the land. When Perry Stone recently shared with Sid Roth what the Lord has shown him, he spoke about this coming move of God.
Stone talks about how he has witnessed God moving so powerfully in the Appalachian Mountains. While he was in Mullins, West Virginia, the city has been hurting so bad because of how the coal mining jobs have been shut down, effecting the entire city. While preaching in this area, he witnessed the Spirit of God moving mightily upon those who were present. More specifically, Stone shares about what the Lord is about to do; “This event will be so big, that people will start leaving major cities. I see people leaving West Coast cities…they are going to go to more rural areas.” Stone continues to describe, “There’s really coming… a major revival that is a true blue turn-back-to-God revival.”
Stone also pointed out, “The wheat and tare are in the same field. The Church has real believers and we got fake believers, and they’re in the same church…and God will start supernaturally separating wheat from tares.” Some would be shocked thinking that everybody would want God when the Presence of God breaks out, but the truth is, not everyone does. This is the separation taking place. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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