LISTEN NOW! There are powerful prophetic words that are being declared over this year and season. Nothing could be more truthful than the dialogue that took place between Sid Roth and Perry Stone. As Perry Stone continues to share prophetically about what the Lord has revealed to him, Sid Roth asks about what Stone has been shown for this year.
When one hears others talk about blessings, the blessings might only be thought of in the sense of how they are received. As Stone points out, there is much more that is needed to be understood. “Blessings come through the confession. With the heart, you believe, with the mouth you confess.” He highlights how the Hebrew symbol for the number 17 is the mouth and how the Church must apply this. “Believers must learn, in order to obtain victory, to know how to confess the word with their mouth. We can no longer just pray and sit back, and wait for God to do it. We have to claim, with our mouth, the promise.” The words that we say and proclaim are very powerful. Now, with this in mind, the words that we choose NOT to say are equally powerful.
Stone highlights how we must also be mindful not to declare certain words. “This is the year…to learn to shut-up”. He further explains; “This is the year not to talk about each other; not to talk about other believers; not to criticize other people…” As Stone continues to address the urgency and importance of this word, he points how the Church must stop focusing on what it has in the past. “I get so tired, everybody getting their information from the media. Since when are we, as believers, called to pay attention to what media people, who don’t even believe in God, are telling us? We should be hearing from the Holy Spirit.” Stone continues to emphasize, “This is the year to claim the blessing, by taking the word, and confessing it as never before, releasing the power of God…” He also points out how we are not supposed to use social media as a platform to simply voice our opinions.


When we post anything to social media, we need to post with a fear and trembling of the Lord. We are not supposed to judge others. When we say things on these platforms, it is a permanent record. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word from Perry Stone and so much more. Also shared in this segment: criticism, judging, Jewish advisors, media, and consequences. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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