PROPHECY! Seniors; God will be moving Powerfully among Seniors – Seniors on the Front Line

LISTEN NOW! So often in our culture, seniors are told to relax and unwind, begin to take it easy. But this is not the case in the Kingdom. God has special plans for those who are 55 and older. When some would think that it is a time to slow down, God has opposite plans in store. Patricia King highlights how God is about to move upon seniors as she continues to release a prophetic word over this season, “Seniors will arise and shake off restricting mindsets in 2017.” She points out how Donald Trump is breaking mindsets as he is the oldest President. “Many of those who are 55 and older will arise and step into fulfillment of destiny and boldly march forward to the front lines of Kingdom service.” When some would think, their career may be finished, she continues to describe how many will leave their current career to begin new adventures.
This is so encouraging and important to recognize. Our younger generations are inundated with knowledge, but they do not have any experience. They have not yet experienced life, and the many seasons that life brings. They do not know they lack wisdom until they encounter the realities that wisdom requires. Our younger generations need our seniors. If you are a senior and are not honored where you are a currently located, ask the Lord where He wants you, where your wisdom will be recognized for the value it is. Be inspired and lifted as you see God’s timing for the seasons you are facing, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. Business Images

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