PROPHECY! [Trump Administration] is Going to Bring in the Prophets, John Natale

LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! CBN News has released a powerful interview with John Natale who has shared a prophetic word about what God is doing in this hour. As Natale points out what the Lord revealed to him about the current Trump Administration, he details how President Trump will empower the prophetic. He explains with these words, “…our government was going to actually bring in the prophets. And have them used to help facilitate, whether it’s law and order or whatever they need or just decisions for wisdom…”
This is what is coming and this is what is happening. By listening to the voice of the Lord, we can change the outcome of events. Yes, America was headed to a place of judgment, but the Church cried out. As was released by Pastor John Kilpatrick, with Church of His Presence, God responded to the cry of His people with a Midnight Interruption. This is what God is wanting to do: to respond to an opportunity to demonstrate His merciful heart. Imagine the gift of the prophetic being lifted up, agreed with, and responded to in our Congress, and in every branch of government! Be not only inspired, but also encouraged as you hear the full prophetic word from John Natale, and so much more. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 



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