WATCH! PROPHECY! Righteous Hearts; Getting rid of unrighteous things in our hearts: Offense, Forgiveness – Ask God to reveal what’s in your heart

2017 IS GOING TO BE A BREAKTHROUGH YEAR! There are many prophetic words that are being released over this year, words of encouragement and hope. Patricia King, with XPMedia, released 17 Prophetic Words for 2017 and the first of these, she has declared how important it is for us to get rid of the unrighteousness in our hearts. As Julie Meyer joined her in discussing the importance of this revelation, she shared. “If we’re still harboring offense and un-forgiveness, it’s pretty impossible to get breakthrough because you’ve got to let go of the last season.” She continued to point out that “it’s hard to have great expectation when you’re holding on to offense.” We must prepare our hearts for what God is about to do.


The trap of offense is so important to overcome, especially in this season. John Bevere wrote a book titled The Bait of Satan that talks about this very scheme and trap of the devil. When we can get over offense, we can get on with what God is doing. We must deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and get on with the plans of the Lord. Hear the full portion of this word and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: bosses, employees, spouses, children, blessings, and breakthrough.  Greg shared in this segment. 




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