Senator Ted Cruz, Border Patrol Says Illegal Border Crossing on the U.S. Southern Border down 50%

LISTEN NOW! As President Trump continues his beginning days in office, the topic of America’s Southern Border continues to be a high topic of priority, for the Trump Administration, as well as all of the leadership in America. As many leaders have spoken about their response to the issue, Senator Cruz also commented about his personal actions and observations of the wall when he recently spoke at the CPAC Conference.
When speaking with Mark Levin, he highlighted how he had traveled along the border with the border patrol, on gun boats and in the air. He was told an interesting piece of information from the border patrol. “You know what the border patrol told me in the Rio Grande sector; that since the Inauguration Day, illegal crossings have dropped 50%.” He continued, “Now oddly enough, you and I have not seen that on the 6 o’clock news. Somehow reporters aren’t reporting it.” As Senator Cruz continued to dialogue with the border patrol, he was told this; “They assumed it was because of this new administration they understood that we’d had an administration that would finally, finally, finally enforce the laws.”
Immigration, those coming into America to become citizens of America is a good thing. Illegal immigration is not. America is a nation of immigrants. When we look at Ellis Island and the many immigrants that came to America through the shores of New York, we can see that there is a process to becoming a citizen. It was a beautiful thing, and it is again, a beautiful thing to see the laws of our nation once again being enforced. See Senator Cruz sharing about his trip to the Southern Border, his entire conversation during CPAC, and so much more. Greg shared in this segment. 
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