PROPHECY! Stay Where You Are in 2017, John Kilpatrick

LISTEN NOW! Sometimes we come across the temptations to flee to the very things that look easier instead of remaining faithful where God has established us and called us to be. If it’s not God, it is never easy. It’s important for us to be exactly where God has called us to be in 2017. This is exactly what Pastor John Kilpatrick shared when he shares the prophetic word Stay Where You Are.
Your temptation is to go down to Egypt. You desperately want to depart, but you must realize that your increase will come by staying where you are. For Isaac, the hundredfold increase was found upon the famine of yesterday. The boughs of the trees will once again be found with blooms, and the corn that wilted and wasted in the fields shall surge to life with bountiful supply.
Do not think famine, or talk famine. Lift up your eyes so that you may experience the plenty, for the plenty shall indeed replace famine. For right where you are is right where I have placed you, and that is where you will flourish—not in Egypt. BE STILL!
This is so important to recognize and remember during the rough seasons. Sometimes, we can be so consumed with the thought of ‘when will this break?’ It breaks NOW IN 2017. So many people are trying to line up with the world in order for the world to receive the word that God has placed inside of them. Instead of changing the word that God has placed inside of you, simply change your audience and continue to share the word. Be lifted up and encouraged as you hear the entire word from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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