Lori McKeeman, VFNtv Audience Member, Serves the Israeli Defense Forces Every Year

LISTEN NOW! It is so encouraging to know how we are reaching our many audience members through the region of the Gulf Coast as well as throughout the world. It is additionally encouraging when we are able to meet them in person and hear them share their heart towards what the Lord is doing in their lives. Lori McKeeman recently visited the VFN Dream Center and talked about how the Lord has opened up opportunities to sow and bless Israel.
When anyone considers the potential possibility of traveling to Israel, all they have to do is listen to Lori’s words of her times in the Holy Land. When some would choose a suite in a local hotel, Lori chooses a more “hands on” approach. She has stayed in the barracks of the IDF, along with the soldiers. She gets involved in everything she can, just for the sheer opportunity to support and bless the IDF; everything from sweeping the streets, to fixing communication equipment.  On a recent trip, she stayed in Beer Sheva that provided views of the Iron Dome.
Lori was not only able to bless the IDF with her support and services, but she was also able to bless others by sharing the Gospel. As she explains, every time she goes, God shows her an open door to minister to others and share the Gospel with them. While she blesses others, she has also received blessings, especially when she was able to learn Hebrew from a former IDF soldier who now lives in the Gulf Coast region.
Allow your love of Israel to grow even more as you hear first hand the beauty of the land, as well as the people, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Sid Roth, Old Testament, mandatory service, kibbutz, Abraham, Jewish Federation, Kristallnacht, and divine encounters. Greg and John shared in this segment.  




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