Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem? Congressional Delegation in Israel on Exploration Trip

LISTEN NOW! Many had hoped that the Trump Administration would have made the topic of moving the American Embassy from Tel-Aviv Jaffa to Jerusalem a number one priority by addressing it as soon as he took office. It hasn’t happened that way. The President has not only been looking deeply into the topic, but a delegation recently traveled to Israel to look further into the matter.
CBN reports on the recent update regarding the delegation and their events while in Israel. Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis addressed that the delegation was not sent by President Trump, but that it was important to research the matter. “I thought it was important to come out and get some knowledge in the Congress about where this thing will actually be”. He also shared that “[President Trump’s] in a position where he’s either going to follow his campaign promise or he’s going to have to sign this waiver…” When Congress signed the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995 requiring the US Embassy to be moved from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, every President has postponed the act due to “security” by signing a waiver every 6 months. As CBN reports, the delegation visited potential embassy sites, as well as met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
As President Trump now mans the Office of the President, he has the approaching opportunity to be the first President since the Jerusalem Embassy Act was passed, to make it a reality. The last waiver signed by former President Barack Obama expires in May of 2017. While speaking to reporters, Congressman DeSantis points out three reasons why he thinks it’s important to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Most notably, “I think it really shows that America is standing, for square behind our allies here in Israel…”
Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel and it is the true capital of Israel regardless of the fact that the many embassies from the nations around the world are currently located in Tel-Aviv Jaffa. Israel is God’s land. It is God’s people. Israel will never be pushed into the seas as some countries may claim. Be encouraged and lifted up as you see the entire comments from Congressman DeSantis and so much more. Also shared in this segment: waiver, 50th Anniversary of 1967 Six-Day War, Knesset, Iran, Gulf States, and security issues. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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